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Where will your next carnival be? Explore the best carnivals from around the world!

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Parades, parties, blocos, balls, fetes, j'ouvert and more! Find all the best carnival events here!

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Discover new experiences, destinations and the latest carnival news. Discover has you covered!


Carnaval de Hollywood

🇺🇸 Hollywood Carnival

  United States, Los Angeles
  19 Jun - 20 Jun 2021

Hollywood Carnival is a Caribbean - American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry.
Carnaval Miami Broward

🇺🇸 The Miami Broward Carnival

  United States, Miami
  7 Oct - 10 Oct 2021

Miami Broward Carnival is a celebration of all things Caribbean. It is one of the most exciting and colorful events to take place in the USA.
Carnaval de Carolina del Sur

🇺🇸 South Carolina Carnival

  United States, Columbia
  11 Jun - 14 Jun 2021

South Carolina Carnival is a carnival celebration that is all about good music, food and culture!
Desfile del Labor Day

🇺🇸 Labor Day Parade

  United States, New York
  6 September 2021

The Labor Day Parade (West Indian Day Parade) is the most colorful event in NYC where around three million people come out to celebrate Caribbean culture.
Carnaval de Bishop’s Stortford

🇬🇧 Bishop’s Stortford Carnival

  United Kingdom, Bishop's Stortford
  🟠 Estimated Date June 2021

Bishop’s Stortford Carnival is an annual carnival that is all about uniting the community. It is a day of fun, joy and community spirit.
Carnaval de Preston

🇬🇧 Preston Caribbean Carnival

  United Kingdom, Preston
  🟠 Estimated Dates June 2021

Preston Caribbean Carnival brings Preston to life with all things Caribbean. It is a great carnival for the whole community to enjoy whilst embracing Caribbean culture and heritage!

🇨🇦 Toronto Caribbean Carnival or Caribana

  Canada, Toronto
  29 Jul - 2 Aug 2021

Toronto's Caribbean Carnival is a three-week celebration of Caribbean music, cuisine, costumes, tradition and culture.
Carnaval de Orlando

🇺🇸 Orlando Carnival

  United States, Orlando
  27 May - 31 May 2021

Orlando Carnival is a Caribbean - American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry.
carnaval saint thomas

🇺🇸 St. Thomas Carnival

  US Virgin Island, St Thomas
  🟠 Estimated Date May 2021

St. Thomas Carnival is the place to go if you want to have the time of your life! It is a high energy, vibrant and colorful celebration in a tropical paradise!


All events are cancelled due to COVID-19



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Everything You Need to Know About The 2021 Viareggio Floats & Float Parade

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Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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