🇰🇪 Nairobi Mardi Gras Festival

Nairobi Mardi Gras Carnival 2019 promotes the African Heritage, Promotes the Afro music, Food and dance over the Mashujaa weekend 18-20 October.


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    When is the Nairobi African Mardi Gras Festival 2021?

    The Nairobi African Mardi Gras Festival is held during the Mashujaa (Heroes) Day which is Observed the weekend of 19-20 October, the 20th Being the Official Government Holiday. The Nairobi African Mardi Gras Festival is held for two days, officially starting on the 19th ending on the 20th October, 2021

    What is the Nairobi African Mardi Gras Festival

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Hair Show by Shears and Hues Facebook @shearandhues

    Mention Kenya Internationally, and One or Two things are immediately brought up.

    One, world dominant long distance runners, and Two the great Wild beast Migration. Yes Kenya is proud to be associated with this facts, but Kenya is one of the most varied lands on the planet both in terms of its geography and its ethnic population. The Republic of Kenya sits on the equator where it’s bordered by the Indian Ocean, UgandaTanzaniaEthiopiaSouth Sudan, and Somalia. In 2019, Kenya has an estimated population of 52.57 million, which ranks 27th in the world.

    With this Diversity the Muriuki couple found a need to celebrate the Happy Spirit of the Kenyan People, and Incorporate the African Heritage into the Carnival outfits.

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Modeling Group Trainers and Models Mageto, Bruce, and Shegu

    The Event is Scheduled to Commence at Nairobi City Park. The City Park is rich in Biodiversity. A recent biodiversity survey of the indigenous Forest Park by Friends of Nairobi City Park identified about 988 Species of Flora and Fauna.

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    For more information on the Park, visit the following websites:

    Fun & Entertainment after the Street Carnival Parade

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Modeling has the Fashion Lovers, Cultural enthusiasts, and Party animals well taken off, by hosting a variety of shows at the Diamond Plaza 2. A Glow in the Dark Show, Hair Show, Fashion Show, Bollywood, Acrobatic Show, hottest Music Artists, DJ’s, Drinks, Food Fest.

    What is the History of Nairobi African Mardi Gras Festival

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Modeling Group CEO Nhia Muriuki & CEO Pretti Galaiya

    This is the first time that a street carnival on this scale will be held in Nairobi, Kenya. This Carnival is brought by Mr. Sammy, and Mrs. Nhia Muriuki who created Sphere Modeling Group a Modeling, Fashion and Show power house in Kenya, in collaboration with Event Emporium. Guests are invited to be a part of the Cultural Revolution.

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Models with Sammy Muriuki Making Outfits

    Kenya at the forefront of change in Africa

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Modeling Group

    Kenya is not new at making History and been the first. Whether its Human rights Kenya made history as first African Country to collect data on intersex people in the 2019 Census, which was a major win for the human rights activists. Link here.

    When it comes to championing environmental issues the list goes on Kenya: First African Nation to setup Climate Authority. Link here.

    Adopting best practices, Kenya: First African country to leverage the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS), that advocates for ethical workforce recruitment, setting a benchmark for ethical labour recruitment.

    Child Protection: Kenya has become the first African country to connect to INTERPOL’s International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) database, bringing the total number of connected countries to 60. Link here.

    What is the Carnival Route?

    The Carnival starts at 11 am with a 2km walk from the City Park through the streets of Parklands.

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Where to stay in Nairobi during the Event

    The best accommodation offers can be found here.

    Good Reviews “The location and the price. For the price paid, it provides a lot of amenities. The staff were very helpful and communicating nicely. The room layout and décor” Ashish.

    banner booking carnivals

    Things to do in Nairobi

    nairobi african mardi gras carnival festival

    Sphere Modeling Group Model

    Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is the most dynamic city, also known as the “green city in the sun” for many reasons. It is Kenya’s largest city with a population of nearly four million.

    Nairobi is a city full of contrasts. It’s old enough so you can feel its past and multi-ethnic enough so you can experience Kenyan culture, yet it’s modern enough to get Internet access. It’s a city that blends people from all cultures and walks of life.

    Adorned with modern skyscrapers, world class restaurants, fully equipped hospitals, modern shopping malls, schools, abundant private and public transportation, and universities and colleges that provide local and international curriculum – you will find it all in Nairobi.

    The city is also home to numerous local and international businesses and organizations. Nairobi bustles with activity. It’s a city that never sleeps; the rhythm is fast, day and night. There’s always something to do and see in Nairobi and its people are friendly and hospitable. Kenya information guide.

    For more information about tours, things to do, sightseeing tours, day trips and more click here.

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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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