Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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Carnaval de Copenhague

🇩🇰 Denmark’s Brazilian Carnival

  Denmark, Copenhagen
  21 May - 23 May 2021

Copenhagen Carnival moves Brazil to Copenhagen for biggest party of the year! Here is everything you need to know about celebrating carnival in Copenhagen.
Carnaval de Orlando

🇺🇸 Orlando Carnival

  United States, Orlando
  27 May - 31 May 2021

Orlando Carnival is a Caribbean - American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry.
Carnaval de La Ceiba

🇭🇳 La Ceiba Carnival

  Honduras, La Ceiba
  8 May - 22 May 2021

La Ceiba Carnival is the biggest party in Central America! Over half a million people come to Honduras to celebrate carnival!
carnaval atlanta

🇺🇸 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

  United States, Atlanta
  29 May 2021

Atlanta Carnival is a Caribbean. American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry. Here is everything you need to know about attending carnival in Atlanta!
Carnaval de Guayana

🇬🇾 Guyana Carnival

  Guyana, Georgetown
  19 May - 27 May 2021

Guyana Carnival is the an annual carnival in Georgetown Guyana! It is a wild, vibrant and colourful celebration that embraces local culture and heritage.
Carnaval del Orgullo de Birmingham

🇬🇧 Birmingham Pride Carnival

  United Kingdom, Birmingham
  29 May - 30 May 2021

Birmingham Pride is a carnival celebration that celebrates love. It is a LGBTQ+ celebration that attracts around 75,000 people who come out to celebrate. Here is everything you need to know about attending Birmingham Pride.
Carnaval San Francisco

🇺🇸 Carnaval San Francisco

  United States, San Francisco
  29 May - 30 May 2021

Carnaval San Francisco which takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco attracts 400,000 people every year and is the most diverse carnival celebration on the west coast.
carnaval monihei

🇨🇳 Monihei Carnival

  China, Cangyuan
  1 May - 3 May 2021

The Monihei Carnival in China is an incredible celebration that honors the creation myths of the Wa People, whose culture has been around for over 3000 years.
carnaval de jamaica

🇯🇲 Jamaica Carnival

  Jamaica, Kingston
  11 April 2021

Jamaica Carnival is the place to go if you want to have the time of your life! It is a high energy, vibrant and colourful celebration. Filled with reggae, calypso and soca music. Here is everything you need to know about attending carnival in Jamaica.


dekalb portada

🇺🇸 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

  United States, Atlanta
  22 May 2021

Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is celebration that frames the tradition with a unique variety of parades, dances, masks, musical shows, and different attractions that delight the public.
carnaval carriacou portada

🇬🇩 Carriacou Carnival

  Grenada, Carriacou
  🔴 2021 Cancelled

In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, but dependent on Grenada, Carriacou is an island that celebrates carnival in the best style of street dancing and where bright colors are the protagonists.
maspalomas portada

🇪🇸 Maspalomas Carnival

  Spain, Maspalomas
  🔴 2021 Cancelled

Maspalomas is one of the most important tourist islands in Spain, precisely because of the outstanding Maspalomas Carnival
torello carnival float

🇪🇸 Torello Carnival

  Spain, Torello
  🔴 2021 Cancelled

The magical Torelló carnival shows spectators magical scenes where reality is forgotten for a few days and invites those who enjoy it to dream and imagine.
carnaval houston

🇺🇸 Houston Caribbean Festival

  United States, Houston
  🟠 Estimated Date June 2021

Houston Caribbean Festival will far exceed all expectations. Great music, food, costumes and vibes. It is a beautiful mix of different cultures, people and generations all enjoying each other and life.
carnaval mashramani

🇬🇾 Mashramani Carnival

  Guyana, Georgetown
  23 Feb 2021

Mashramani or Mash for short is the name given to Guyana's carnival, which not only celebrates this date but also commemorates the day the South American country became a Republic.
carnaval de haiti

🇭🇹 Haiti Carnival

  Haiti, Port-au-Prince
  12 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

Haiti's carnival is the largest cultural event in this Caribbean country, with three days full of joy, dances, parades, comparsas and very striking costumes.
carnaval martinica

🇲🇶 Martinique Carnival

  Martinique, Fort-de-France
  15 Feb - 17 Feb 2021

The Martinique Carnival is one of the most popular festivals in the Caribbean Sea, which makes this island receive a large number of visitors during the month of February who want to experience this magical celebration.
carnaval de ovar

🇵🇹 Ovar Carnival

  Portugal, Ovar
  23 Jan - 16 Feb 2021

The city of Ovar hosts every year one of the most important Carnival celebrations of the country, where the most important event for the folklore of Portugal takes place every year.
carnaval habana

🇨🇺 Havana Carnival

  Cuba, Havana
  🟠 Estimated Date August 2021

Among the most unique festivities, the Havana Carnival is one of the most important on the island of Cuba.
diablos de yare

🇻🇪 Diablos of Yare Carnival

  Venezuela, San Francisco de Yare
  3 Jul 2021

Dancing Devils of Yare is one of the most popular Venezuelan religious festivals – It’s celebrated in San Francisco de Yare.
Carnaval de Fortaleza

🇧🇷 Fortaleza Carnival

  Brazil, Fortaleza
  13 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

The Fortaleza Carnival is considered one of the best carnival celebrations to take place in the northeast of Brazil.

Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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