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Where will your next carnival be? Explore the best carnivals from around the world!

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Parades, parties, blocos, balls, fetes, j'ouvert and more! Find all the best carnival events here!

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Carnaval del Orgullo de Birmingham

🇬🇧 Birmingham Pride Carnival

  United Kingdom, Birmingham
  29 May - 30 May 2021

Birmingham Pride is a carnival celebration that celebrates love. It is a LGBTQ+ celebration that attracts around 75,000 people who come out to celebrate. Here is everything you need to know about attending Birmingham Pride.
Carnaval de Orlando

🇺🇸 Orlando Carnival

  United States, Orlando
  27 May - 31 May 2021

Orlando Carnival is a Caribbean - American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry.
Carnaval San Francisco

🇺🇸 Carnaval San Francisco

  United States, San Francisco
  29 May - 30 May 2021

Carnaval San Francisco which takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco attracts 400,000 people every year and is the most diverse carnival celebration on the west coast.
Carnaval de Guayana

🇬🇾 Guyana Carnival

  Guyana, Georgetown
  19 May - 27 May 2021

Guyana Carnival is the an annual carnival in Georgetown Guyana! It is a wild, vibrant and colourful celebration that embraces local culture and heritage.
carnaval de jamaica

🇯🇲 Jamaica Carnival

  Jamaica, Kingston
  11 April 2021

Jamaica Carnival is the place to go if you want to have the time of your life! It is a high energy, vibrant and colourful celebration. Filled with reggae, calypso and soca music. Here is everything you need to know about attending carnival in Jamaica.
carnaval atlanta

🇺🇸 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

  United States, Atlanta
  29 May 2021

Atlanta Carnival is a Caribbean. American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry. Here is everything you need to know about attending carnival in Atlanta!
Carnaval de Copenhague

🇩🇰 Denmark’s Brazilian Carnival

  Denmark, Copenhagen
  21 May - 23 May 2021

Copenhagen Carnival moves Brazil to Copenhagen for biggest party of the year! Here is everything you need to know about celebrating carnival in Copenhagen.
carnaval monihei

🇨🇳 Monihei Carnival

  China, Cangyuan
  1 May - 3 May 2021

The Monihei Carnival in China is an incredible celebration that honors the creation myths of the Wa People, whose culture has been around for over 3000 years.
Carnaval de La Ceiba

🇭🇳 La Ceiba Carnival

  Honduras, La Ceiba
  8 May - 22 May 2021

La Ceiba Carnival is the biggest party in Central America! Over half a million people come to Honduras to celebrate carnival!


All events are cancelled due to COVID-19




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Masks have been one of the most sacred objects for many of civilizations throughout history. To understand what why they are, it is necessary to delve into their history.

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The Origins and History of Carnival – The World’s Oldest Party!

Here is everything you need to know about the history and origins of the world’s oldest party!

aisha noel artist singer

Aisha Noel

Aisha Noel is an up-and-coming Trinidadian star whose career is gaining lots of momentum. She is talented, beautiful and has an incredible voice! She is on her way to stardom!

rio carnival faq

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Frequently Asked Questions

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the biggest & most famous carnival celebration in the world. Rio hosts the world-famous parades, street parties & masquerade balls.

coronavirus covid

Here are the latest Carnivals that have been cancelled or postponed due to the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) outbreak

Here is an up-to-date list of the latest Carnivals that have been cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus strain COVID-19

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20 of the World’s Best Carnivals!

Everyone knows Rio Carnival but here are some of the other best places around the world where you can celebrate carnival

Carrozas Viareggio

Everything You Need to Know About The 2021 Viareggio Floats & Float Parade

Masks, music, costumes, wine, food and floats! It’s that time of year again when the tradition of Carnival arrives in Italy again! So, it is time to dress up in your best costume and mask, forget about your worries and celebrate life! And no celebration is bigger or livelier than Viareggio Carnival! One of the most important and re-owned carnivals in the world with its grander float parade!

10 carnavales africa

The 10 Best Places to Celebrate Carnival in Africa

Cities all over Africa have perfected their own unique way to celebrate carnival. We take a look at some of the best and most colourful carnival celebrations in Africa.

marelle stableki

Marelle Steblecki

Notting Hill Carnival is famous for its amazing costumes. We interview talented and passionate costume designer Marelle Stebleki that is incredible talented and passionate.



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Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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